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Does your library need a
helping hand?
Do you need help planning a new building or
Are you looking for expertise to help
write a technology plan or put together a library
in-service workshop? Wind River Offers a wide
variety of services to libraries and nonprofits.
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We know that you're dedicated to serving your
library community, whether public, school, or
academic. We'd like to work with you to make
your building more functional and inviting, your
services more customer-friendly,  your
technology better suited to your community's
needs, and your policies and procedures more
consistent, ethical, and legally sound.
During these tough economic
times, more people are relying
on libraries than ever before,
even as library funding is
being slashed or eliminated
altogether. The hard truth is
that many seasoned librarians
are losing their jobs, and
many recent LIS graduates
are having a hard time finding
one. This Special Report
provides the compassionate
guidance and pragmatic
support that librarians will
need to survive possible
career crises and reenter the
job market with renewed
For more information about
Creating the Customer-Driven
Academic Library

Available from
Libraries Unlimited
Self-Preservation, and
Construction Budgets

In the April 2010 issue of
American Libraries Online
Human Error: When
good intentions meet bad
planning, library users
pay the price.
American Libraries.
Focusing on the
Bottom Line

This excerpt from The
Customer Driven
examines why
the multiple goals of
libraries make it difficult
for them to measure their
success and advocates
defining one easily
measurable success
indicator to serve as a
bottom line.
Available at Amazon
and ALA Editions
Find a sample from the
book at ALA Editions
Find a sample from the
book at ALA Editions

An Outsider’s View: A
Tour of the Public
Spaces in the Academic

Social Networking 101
for Academic Librarians
Available at
Amazon and
ALA Editions
Career Advice for
difficult times
Find an excerpt at
ALA Editions
For more information about A
Librarian's Guide to an
Uncertain Job Market
Available from
John Wiley &
Learn more about
"Nonprofit Essentials:
Managing Technology"
Learn more about
The Customer-
Driven Library
ALA Editions offers free webinar:
Tactics for Library Job
Hunting in a Tough Market

Monday, Oct. 10,
at 1:00 p.m. EDT,
Register for the webinar on
our Webex page.
Hone your job-hunting skills in a
free interactive webinar . We will
focus on the application
package, the interviewing
process and the distinguishing
features of how libraries
recruit.  Live chat will allow
participants to comment and
ask questions.