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Finding a Job
After 50
When you’re 50 or 60 years old, the job market is a combat zone,
no matter what your skills or experience. Battle-scarred veterans
report that they’re passed over time and again for jobs which they
are eminently qualified for. Successful applicants, often with
fewer skills and almost always with far less experience, do seem
to have one significant thing in common–they are younger,
sometimes painfully younger. There was a time, not that long ago,
when you automatically retired at 60 or 65, presuming you actually
lived that long. Today, many seniors are still going strong at 60, 70,
even 80 and don’t intend to retire. Or they’ve tried the beach hut or
snow cottage and found them…BORING. Increasingly, many such
seniors are choosing new careers, ones that fit their particular

Finding a Job After 50 is a “guerilla guide” that gives you the
powerful tools you need to substitute real satisfaction for the rat
race. Getting the job you want may be a battle, so you have to
approach it as such, equipping yourself with the right weapons to
succeed in today’s job market. Your arsenal better be well
stocked before you enter the fray.

You are probably healthier, better educated, and more
experienced that any previous generation at the same age. You
may be the best man or woman for the job. But you’re going to
have to prove it. To do so, you must know what (and who) you’re
up against and how to beat it (them)! This book will show you how.

Finding a Job After 50
Reinvent Yourself for the 21st Century
Author: Jeannette Woodward
ISBN: 1-56414-894-7
192 pages, 6 x 9, Paper
Baby boomers and seniors today are very different from older
workers a generation ago. They are healthier, more skilled, and less
willing to spend the rest of their work lives in boring, unrewarding
jobs. Quality of life is what's important and there's no time  like the
present to discover it.
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Finding a Job after 50:
Reinvent Yourself for the 21st Century
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