Wind River
Library and Nonprofit Consulting
The Customer-Driven Library:
A Workshop for Library Groups of All Shapes
and Sizes
We will follow a typical library customer from the street, into the
parking lot, and through a variety of library experiences, ending
at  the checkout desk. The Topics discussed will include:

Seeing the library  through the customer’s
Lessons learned from large Bookstore chains
The library experience is more than books
What the customer sees, smells, and tastes
The exhausted customer
Promotion ideas that sell your programs
The art of effective display
Enticing interior spaces on a tight budget
Pros and cons of the library cafe
Excerpt from Marion County Public Library Director's Report
"Everyone really seemed to get inspired by the techniques and ideas that were
presented by the speaker and author of “Creating The Customer Driven Library.”  In
the past week we have already started implementing many of the ideas that were
brainstormed at the meeting.  The adult reading area has been re-arranged to create a
more comfortable and inviting space for those studying or reading.  This has also
allowed for more convenient access to the magazines and newspaper area. . . New
signage is being made to help not only brighten up the library but to help make it more
user friendly for the public.  There are lot’s of wonderful changes in store utilizing this