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Creating the Customer-Driven
Academic Library

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Academic libraries are going through
what may be the most difficult period in
their history. With more and more
scholarly content available online and
accessible almost anywhere, where
does the traditional 'brick and mortar'
library fit in?

In this book, Jeannette Woodward
attacks these and other pressing
issues facing today's academic
librarians. Her trailblazing strategies
center on keeping the customer's point
of view in focus at all times to help you:

  • integrate technology to meet
    today's student and faculty needs;

  • re-evaluate the role and function
    of library service desks;

  • implement staffing strategies to
    match customer expectations;

  • and, create new and effective
    promotional materials.

Librarians are now faced with marketing
to a generation of students who log on
rather than walk in and this cutting
edge book supplies the tools needed
to keep customers coming through the

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