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Planning Library
Are you about to embark on a library building project? Are you considering expanding or renovating your present library?
Wind River will work with you to assure that your project is not only successful but meets your library's unique needs.

Organize the library planning process

Library planning is complicated and it's essential to get it
right. We can help you organize the many pieces,
preparing the way for a beautiful, functional library building.

Whether we're
  • planning a renovation, expansion, or a new building
  • selecting architects and other building professionals
  • estimating the space needed to serve your users
  • designing spaces to support your programs and
  • working with local governments or academic

or doing any of the hundreds of tasks that are part of the
building planning process, we can help keep you on track
and under budget. Strategic Planning can provide a
blueprint for estimating capital requirements, working with
your  funding agency, as well as planning for technology,
support services,personnel needs, and fund raising.

We can introduce you to the world of architects and other
building trade professionals making it possible for you to
communicate your needs more effectively. Then it's time to
transform your vision into bricks and mortar, a building that
reflect your unique goals and priorities.

Your library building can be more responsive to your
customers' needs, more environmentally sustainable, and
better designed to make efficient use of limited staff
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Countdown to a New
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