Wind River
Library and Nonprofit Consulting
Customer Service
Customer service can make or break a library!
Success is the result of a comprehensive
program that includes:

A clear focus on the library's service

Customer-focused priorities and policies

Effective staffing resource allocation.  

Customer service training for the whole
library staff

A customer service audit to identify the
important details that are slipping through
the cracks.

Wind River Consulting offers services tailored
specifically to your library and your community.
We can help you design a complete customer
service program that brings new vitality to your

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Nothing is more important to the success of any library than meeting the needs
of the library's customers. Good customer service doesn't just happen.
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Creating the
Customer-Driven Library:
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Focusing on the
Bottom Line
This excerpt from The
Customer Driven
examines why
the multiple goals of
libraries make it difficult
for them to measure their
success and advocates
defining one easily
measurable success
indicator to serve as a
bottom line.
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