Wind River
Library and Nonprofit Consulting
Technology Planning
Computerization represents an economic
commitment that many libraries and nonprofits with
tight budgets have been reluctant to make. However,
computerization is no longer optional. We must all
compete effectively for scarce dollars. Wind River
Consulting can help libraries take the leap and
integrate technology into both public service and
staff library functions.

No library should embark on a technology program
without a technology plan. It is this precious
document that can prevent the library from making
expensive mistakes and will provide a road map for
implementing each of the library's technology goals.
A technology plan, however, is a major undertaking.
Wind River can help organize the planning process
and take much of the drudgery out of technology

Wind River Consulting can help you identify your
library's unique needs and implement a system that
achieves your goals without breaking your budget.
Nonprofit Essentials:
Managing Technology

published by John Wiley &
Sons, 2006.. Available from
Technology Planning
from Start to Finish