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Is Your Library Protecting your Customers
Libraries work hard to protect their users, most
recently through their opposition to the Patriot Act,
they may not be aware of the broad range of
privacy issues that surrounds electronic data.

The public library may provide more opportunities
for free public Internet access than any other
organization. Academic libraries also maintain large
numbers of public computers. As part of its
commitment to an information literate society, the
library makes computers available to those who
lack either the financial resources or the technical
sophistication to purchase and maintain their own
equipment. Because of their limited access, these
users tend to be less informed and more at risk
than computer owners.

Librarians wonder what they can do to comply with
the requirements of the Patriot Act and still protect
their users. They also wonder how to prepare for a
confrontation with visitors from the FBI or a local
law enforcement agency. Identifying personal data
stored in library computers, purging unneeded
records,  and being prepared with a plan can
remove much of the uncertainty.

Library computer users are often novices and may
not be aware that even seemingly innocuous
information supplied to websites can be “mined by
both government agencies and unscrupulous
businesses. The recent discovery that online
service providers have been supplying vast
quantities of data to government agencies without
the public’s knowledge further dramatizes the

Wind River can conduct a privacy audit that will
reveal the ways that your library, your patrons, and
your library computer users are at risk.

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