Countdown to a
New Library
Countdown to
a New Library:
Managing the Building
Reviewers' Comments

Woodward’s “goal in writing this book is to bring librarians who will be participants
in new construction or renovation projects up to the mark so they can competently
play their part in this process from beginning to end. Woodward takes weighty,
and, in some instances, mind-numbing information and makes it readable. . .  What
makes Woodward's book successful, besides her very thorough research and
presentation of it, is her inclusion of tips in each section, as well as tales from
those who have been through the "construction wars."
—Journal of Academic Librarianship

This book is a balance of library function and building technology that should help
the less experienced librarian make plans and talk to architects and builders.”
—Technical Services Quarterly
“For librarians going through a big-budget, long-term building project, veteran
librarian Woodward provides a roadmap in lay terms for everything from blueprints
to the final move.”
—Reference & Research Book News

“Woodward's very practical, sensible book will be a boon to both novice and
veteran librarians… [T]he hours invested in reading this book as an introductory
text and in returning to it as a reference guide will pay ongoing dividends.”

“...very practical and realistic in its approach, looking at the advantages and
disadvantages of individual topics, examining alternative solutions, and neatly
summarising particular issues.”
—Library Management
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