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Countdown to a New Library:
Managing the building Project

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Now in a newly updated and expanded second
edition, "Countdown to a New Library: Managing
the Building Project", in which librarian and
author Jeannette Woodward draws upon her
many years of experience and expertise,
continues to be an indispensable instructional
guide for anyone charged with the responsibility
of building, remodeling, or expanding a library to
meet the growing demands of the community
they serve. Taking the reader step-by-step
through the entire process from beginning to
end, this new edition of Countdown to a New
Library: Managing the Building Project" is replete
with useful checklists and practical worksheets.
Librarians and library board members alike, will
appreciate the updated references, standards,
materials, and resources; the tips on efficient
HVAC systems, as well as the evolving rules for
LEED certification. Of special note is the
up-to-date information on current technological
issues. Thoroughly 'user friendly' from beginning
to end, "Countdown to a New Library: Managing
the Building Project" should be considered
mandatory reading and an invaluable
instructional guide

- Midwest Book Review

The first edition of this title was published a
decade ago, and author Woodward has now
brought her work into the twenty-first century by
not only describing the planning process but
putting emphasis on green building,
sustainability, and the importance of building
flexible facilities. This is a guide for the library
director to use in planning a construction
project. It also gives the novice builder an
overview of what to expect, who to trust, and
where to get information. Woodward provides
valuable advice on which battles to win and
which to concede. Sidebars of quotes from
people who have been through the building
process provide more real-life perspective.  

Writing from the perspective of a librarian
who has been through numerous building
projects, Jeannette Woodward walks you
through the process of overseeing the
planning and construction of a building
project. Packed with helpful checklists and
worksheets, this revised edition includes

Updated references, standards, materials, and
Tips for efficient HVAC systems and evolving
rules for LEED certification
Information on new technological issues

Using hands-on tools and real-life insider
stories from librarians around the country,
this is a must-have crash course in planning
and building today’s libraries!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Off to a Good Start
Chapter 2    The World of Architects and
Chapter 3    The Emerging Library Design
Chapter 4    Functional and Sustainable
Chapter 5    Human Needs and Energy
        Efficient Buildings
Chapter 6    Technology in Twenty-First
        Century Buildings
Chapter 7    Security and Safety in Today’s
Chapter 8    Creating Customer-Friendly
        Spaces: It’s Not Just Decor
Chapter 9    Surviving Construction
Chapter 10    Moving In and Getting Settled